A Great Yarmouth-based fundraising committee is hanging up its collection tins after 55 years and raising more than £1m for a cancer charity. 

The Great Yarmouth Committee of Macmillan Cancer Support was originally formed in 1967 with the inaugural meeting being held at the town hall.   

The committee started off small with additional helpers from the local Lions Club helping at events from time to time.  

Over the years, Macmillan presented service awards to committee members, including two members receiving the Richard Hambro Award for Long and Outstanding Service.   

The annual Macmillan Ball was the major fundraiser for many years with approximately 350 people attending.   

Many other events were supported and organised over the years including ladies’ lunches, quizzes, cookery demonstrations, flower demonstrations, and golf days. 

Many changes have occurred over the years, resulting in the group becoming larger and officers changing.   

It is believed the committee raised more than £1.3m by the end of 2022.   

In addition, the Lowestoft Committee, who had raised a further £300,000, joined with Great Yarmouth, bringing the grand total to £1.6m.   

Michelle Hutchinson, senior fundraising manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “We have been so lucky to have such a dedicated and successful fundraising committee in this area for all this time.   

“The committee members should be so proud of their achievements and the impact that their fundraising has had.   

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“I want to thank every committee member and volunteer who has helped to make this a success.   

“It’s made a real difference to the lives of local people who receive the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis.   

“We shall miss them but fully understand the decision to close the committee and wish every member all the very best,” she said.