A group of protesters are celebrating after Highways bosses apologised over delays in fixing street lights on parts of the A47.

Campaigners said parts of north Lowestoft are not lit at night because of the street lights not working - adding it was "a safety risk for motorists, cyclists and residents" and "an accident waiting to happen".

But after taking to the streets last week to raise safety fears over darkness on parts of the A47 in Lowestoft, National Highways have acknowledged their "concerns" - with works now set to be carried out in June.

The campaigners have highlighted numerous street lights that haven't worked for more than two years.

And despite raising the issues with highways officials, fed-up neighbours united last Wednesday as a "lighten our darkness" protest march was successfully held along the affected areas.

Lowestoft Journal: Graham Parker and Wendy Brooks ahead of the 'Let There Be Light' protest. Picture: Mick HowesGraham Parker and Wendy Brooks ahead of the 'Let There Be Light' protest. Picture: Mick Howes (Image: Mick Howes)

The one-and-a-half mile march from the Triangle Market area to Hollingsworth Road in Lowestoft attracted around 20 people as torches were shone next to the broken street lamps.

Among them was Wendy Brooks, who said: ''The organisers were very pleased with the turnout of local people to express their unhappiness with the current situation."

This week National Highways said it appreciated the community's patience, adding there was a "specific issue" with a "damaged" feeder pillar on Jubilee Way that powers the lights.

A National Highways spokesman said: "Over the past 12-14 months, we have made significant strides in enhancing our lighting infrastructure.

"We have successfully upgraded 114 streetlights to energy-efficient LED technology, along with implementing lantern works as part of the national carbon saving scheme and renewing numerous sign lights.

Lowestoft Journal: Darkness with street lights not working on a stretch of the A47 in Lowestoft. Picture: Mick HowesDarkness with street lights not working on a stretch of the A47 in Lowestoft. Picture: Mick Howes (Image: Mick Howes)

"However, we have identified a specific issue with a damaged feeder pillar on Jubilee Way, which is affecting the functionality of a section of streetlights.

"We acknowledge the concerns raised by the community regarding this matter.

"A new feeder pillar has been ordered and is expected to arrive in June 2024.

"Upon its arrival, it will be promptly installed and connected to the main power network, restoring proper functionality to the affected streetlights.”

“We understand there has been a delay in resolving this issue, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate the community's patience and understanding as we work towards a resolution."

'Good news'

Graham Parker, who lives on Yarmouth Road and had raised concerns with National Highways, said: "It appears to be good news from National Highways.

"I am very pleased that they are taking our safety concerns seriously and do hope a speedy repair will now take place.

"A huge thank you to all those involved in organising the march and those that attended."

Ms Brooks added: "The very quick response from Highways was pleasing and unexpected - we just hope there are no more delays and the A47 will be lit."