Residents in a care home in Oulton got the chance to interact with exotic animals at a community event aimed at promoting well-being.

Residents of Oulton Court and neighbours in Bloomsbury Close got a chance to interact with a skunk and two alpacas - Gino and Baloo.

The animals were brought in by Unicorn Alpaca Walks, a Shipmeadow-based organisation that runs a unique recreational farm resort.

The meet-and-greet with the animals also included smaller ones, such as a rabbit and a pair of guinea pigs.

Lowestoft Journal: Oulton Court resident Michael Manning with alpacas Gino and Baloo Oulton Court resident Michael Manning with alpacas Gino and Baloo (Image: Submitted)

The community event, aimed at promoting residents' well-being and fostering a closer relationship between the two areas, witnessed a good turnout of children, families and older residents.

Engaging activities like arts and crafts and an Easter egg hunt were also organised.

Kerry Nichols, owner of Unicorn Alpaca Walks, said: “We take our animals to all sorts of places and it always makes people glow.

“It is magical how meeting the animals really brings people out of themselves.

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"We take them into places such as care homes and schools, and it is very moving to see how everybody smiles when they come into contact with the animals.”

Operated by Broadland Housing Association, Oulton Court provides independent living for the over-55s with its 33 flats.

Bloomsbury Close is home to 35 families, most of whom are also Broadland Housing tenants.

Paula Strachan, of Broadland Housing, said: “Oulton Court is right in the middle of Bloomsbury Close, so it was lovely for the neighbours to come together.

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"It is amazing to see so many children and young people interacting with the older residents at Oulton Court, and a love of animals is something which transcends any generation.

“We hope the neighbours will be talking about the afternoon for some time to come.”

For those interested in knowing more about Unicorn Alpaca Walks, they can visit