A new campaign nudging folk to take greater care of their surroundings has been launched by a council.

East Suffolk Council's newest campaign promotes measures to retain the district’s beauty and cleanliness by urging people to be active in caring for their immediate environment.

Efforts include reducing fly-tipping, recycling efficiently, and all-round neatness in public and private spaces.

Caroline Topping, council leader, said: “We invest every single penny we can in services to help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of East Suffolk – but sometimes, we have to be honest and admit that it can never necessarily be enough."

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East Suffolk Council will provide people with the necessary equipment for organised litter-picking events, such as hi-viz vests, litter pickers, bags, and bag hoops.

Tips, advice, and programs for community involvement can be accessed on the council’s website.

Ms Topping encouraged "optimal utilisation of the shared sense of local pride" to propel the cleanliness objectives.

She said: "For me, and for everyone at East Suffolk, we hope and believe that the incredible local pride we all share can be put to the best possible use.

"If local people and organisations want to play their part, we would love them to get involved.

"East Suffolk’s amazing, let's keep it that way."

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The campaign has garnered support across political lines with Conservative Group Lead, Mark Jepson, Labour Group Lead, Peter Byatt, and Liberal Democrat Group Lead, David Beavan, praising it and emphasizing the collective responsibility in fostering cleanliness in East Suffolk.

Mr Jepson said: "This approach demonstrates what can be achieved when we all work together for a common aim.”

Mr Byatt said: “I am delighted that this project, inspired by our motion to ‘Clean-up East Suffolk’, has become something that can be supported across our communities and by all Councillors."